2 best friends,
2 BIG fuzzy hearts,
8 paws 🐾, 
1 inspiring idea!

…An abundance of style, passion, love and WAY too much hair!


Working hard to bring together really smart doggies to humans in need❤️
10% of profits from each sale will be donated to various service dog foundations

Our brand Hugo + Toast was created for a beautiful purpose, however we don’t only exist to create awareness and help out. A huge area of our focus is in creating clothes you never want to take off. We have worked hard for two years before launching, to provide the best styles, fabrics and quality. From our silky soft bamboo attire to our warm and cozy cotton sweat suits, we have you covered.

Our goal as a company is to grow large enough to have the ability to support numerous foundations. We would love to be a part of connecting people in need with their best friend... their dog.

For our first year in business we have partnered with the CNIB Foundation. The CNIB is a Canadian foundation that specializes in training seeing eye dogs for the blind and visually impaired.

We have now moved onto to our second year of business and have partnered up the The Pacific Assistance Dog Society. 

PADS is a Canadian foundation that breed, raise and train fully certified assistance dogs. They provide service (mobility & PTSD) and hearing dogs that provide life-changing independence to those with physical disabilities other than blindness.